UA Local 71

From humble beginnings grow the fruits of our labour

Local 71's began in 1891 when plumbing tradesmen in the Ottawa area applied for a charter from the newly organized United Association of Journeymen Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Steamfitters and helpers of the U.S. and Canada, headquartered in Washington D.C. U.S.A..

The Charter was officially received on September 30th 1891.

Local 71's official membership in 1892 consisted of 20 members, certainly humble beginnings, local 71 has gone through provincial expansion to Quebec and 2 mergers in it’s long and storied history.


Since late 1973 after Local 71’s merger with Local 560 we have been serving the needs of A.E.C.L. Chalk River and today we have members working in Chalk River on a permanent basis. Our workforce is composed of plumbers, Steamfitters, Refrigeration mechanics, insulators, lead burners and welders. Local 71 is represented by a working Business Agent/Chief Shop Steward on site.


The Natural Gas industry is another avenue of work for our members. We have been supplying fusers, fitters, welders and helpers to the gas industry in both provinces since the 1960`s. Members are working on Natural Gas Distribution on a yearly basis from Local 71. The object is to have work opportunities available for our members in all aspects of the piping industry.


In 1960 officers of Local 71 applied for a new charter to include the complete Ottawa - Hull District to further strengthen Local 71's jurisdictional territory. Eleven years later, Laws governing employment were changed and officers of Local 71 applied for and received a double charter one for Quebec and one for Ontario to further expand Local 71’s jurisdictional boundaries.

Photo of
Members of Local 71 working for the firm of Thompson and Livock Limited formerly located at corner of Albert and Bank Street
Photo of
Members of Local 71 in front of Centre Block, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, September 1912, Labour Day Parade
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This photo shows the men in their working clothes of that day in 1907
Photo of
Members of Local 71 employed by John Colford and son from Montreal

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