Fifty Year Life Members

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It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we extend our best wishes to

  • Brother Rosaire Belanger member since July 15, 1964
  • Brother Ray Delaney member since August 24, 1964
  • Brother Roger Gaudreau member since August 24, 1964
  • Brother Henry Kronwald member since May 19, 1964
  • Brother Gilles Richer member since August 28, 1964
  • Brother Ray Santilli member since August 24, 1964
  • Brother Roch Vinette member since August 24, 1964

We recognize your 50 years of membership in the United Association. You have remained loyal to Local 71 and members like you represent what is best in our Union. You have demonstrated to all of us the true spirit of brotherhood and solidarity. On October 9, 2014 a ceremony was held to honor members with 50 years of service in recognition of excellence in dedicated service to both Local 71 and the United Association. Members gathered and had a great time renewing old friendships.

Go take a look on our photo gallery From left to right Brother, Roger Gaudreau, Brother Ray Santilly, Business Manager Local 71 Michael Reid, Brother Ray Delaney, Brother Roch Vinette were presented with awards of 50 years of service. Not present were : Brother Rosaire Belanger, Brother Henry Kronwald and Brother Gilles Richer