Dear members:

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation with the new variants, UA Local 71 wants to advise its members of the measures to protect the health and safety of our members, our employees, our families and our community.

Effective April 19, 2021

  • The Office of UA Local 71 will remain open during regular business hours, with a reduced staff complement. The following changes will be made to our operations:
  • There will be no walk-in accepted to the Office except by appointment. Please make an appointment at 613-728-5583.
  • If you need to speak to any officer or employee of the Union, you can contact the office during business hours, or can call:
    • Angus Maisonneuve, Business Manager, 343-997-7171
    • Brent Payne, Assistant Business Manager, 613-291-2291
    • Pierre Jodoin, Business Agent, 613-360-5583
    • Marc Laframboise, Business Agent, 613-799-3572
  • Dues will not be accepted in person. Payment can be made by mail or e-transfer
  • All referral slips will be provided by e-mail and/or fax to the contractor and the member.
  • Please contact the Training Department at (613) 295-2393 for status on all Training Courses

Regular Membership Meetings

All upcoming regular membership meeting will help via Microsoft Teams and for those you who wish to participate to these meetings please reply RSVP from you email address to when prompt to do so a week prior to each meeting and you will receive a meeting invitation link.

All Others may have access through Bell Conferencing.

Dial the appropriate dial-in number below and follow the system prompts to enter the conference ID following by #
Toll-free dial-in number: 1-866-500-9022
Local dial-in number: 613-244-1309
Conference ID : 2381710

Stay Safe and follow Covid Protocols.

Angus Maisonneuve
UA Local 71 Business Manager
April 19, 2021

  • Local 71

    United Association of Journeymen and
    Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting
    Industry of the USA and Canada

What's New

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
COVID-19 vaccination updates and resources

Vaccination is underway for Phase 1 and 2. Visit the OPH  Covid-19 Vaccination page  to learn who can currently get the Covid-19 vaccine. Sign up for the  COVID-19 vaccination update e-subscription for regular news on the vaccine roll-out.

What’s new (updated: April 27, 2021)

  • The City of Ottawa has confirmed delivery of additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and is able to offer more appointments to eligible residents. Appointments at community clinics are available to residents age 60 and over (born in or before 1961). Appointments will be available at the City’s community clinics between May 1 and 28. Visit to access the provincial booking system or call the provincial vaccine booking line at 1-833-943-3900 between 8 am and 8 pm, seven days a week. Only book or call if you are eligible. Additional appointments will open when more vaccine supply is confirmed.
  • The Province has lowered the age limit for individuals living in one of the three provincially defined "hot spots" that have postal codes beginning with K1T, K1V or K2V. Residents 45 and over (born in or before 1976) living in one of these areas, can also visit to book an appointment at one of the City’s community clinics.
  • Pre-registration is still open to individuals with highest risk health conditions and their caregivers, including:
    • Organ transplant recipients
    • Hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients
    • People with neurological diseases in which respiratory function may be compromised (e.g., motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis)
    • Haematological malignancy diagnosed less than one year ago
    • People with kidney disease eGFR 30
  • Beginning Monday, April 26 at 2 pm, pregnant individuals will be able to pre-register for a vaccine appointment. Pre-registration is done online.
  • Effective Thursday, April 29, child care workers in licensed child care settings will be eligible to book an appointment through the provincial booking line at 1-833-943-3900. Eligible workers in licensed child care settings will receive a letter from their employer. This letter must be available at the point of booking and taken to the vaccination appointment. In the coming weeks, eligibility will be expanded to child care workers in unlicensed child care settings across the province.
  • The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is available in select Ottawa pharmacies for eligible people ages 40 or older in 2021. Find your closest pharmacy .

I’ve been vaccinated. Now what?

One dose is very effective at protecting against severe illness, hospitalizations and death. You still need two doses for maximum immunity. Because not everyone will have access to the vaccine at the same time, it is important to continue following COVID-19 public health measures at home, in the workplace, and in the community even after being vaccinated.

  • Wear a mask or face covering when required
  • Isolate yourself from others when you are sick
  • Stay two metres (six feet) apart from those outside your household
  • Exercise proper hand hygiene

What are the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines?

Second doses


REMINDER: Employer protocol when a staff member tests positive for COVID-19

OPH now has additional guidance for employers to help limit COVID-19 transmission in your workplace. OPH has created two tools for workplaces :

Considering this 3rd wave and Ottawa’s daily case count, OPH is having to prioritize reaching new cases and managing outbreaks. OPH does not have the capacity currently to do contract tracing for workplaces, and community organizations that are not in outbreak. These new resources are intended to support workplaces to identify which individuals may need to take additional actions (e.g. isolate, get tested).

Notice of death
It is with great sadness that we announce the tragic passing of Brother Gérald Saumure who passed away April 14, 2021.  Our deepest sympathy to the family. 
Training Is Cancelled
 Due to the ongoing cases of COVID-19 variants .. all training is cancelled and will be postponed to a later date. Those registered for those courses will be called once we are authorized.
Due to the ongoing cases of COVID-19 variants .. the aptitude test is cancelled and will be postponed to a later date.
Happy Easter
happy easter

Stats Holiday

As per Collective Agreement on page 11 article 6 Easter Monday is not a Stats Holiday 
  1 2 3 4 5  ...   

Happy Birthday

Marc Essiambre

Patrick Maisonneuve

Dylan Thibeault

As a member of UA local 71, with proof of your membership, you will benefit of great discounts* on all of your purchases.

*Discounts varies from 10 to 30%

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819-770-5503 -


Ontario & Quebec Holiday Calendar

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Canadian Parental Wellness Program

Pregnancy Benefit

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BILL 148 – PEL settlement

PEL settlement between the OPTC and MCAO (ICI Only). The nuts and bolts of it is - its to be paid on Base Rate plus Holiday on all hours earned – Retro Active to January 1 2018.

Click to download >> Bill 148 PEL-settlement

Mandatory Registration (WHMIS, 4Steps Awareness and Working at Heights Refresher)

For who: All Apprentices and Journeyman
Date: Click here to download courses
Registration by e-mail: eric@ualocal71.Com

Attention Welders

We are re-starting the “Open Fridays” for the welders who want to come and practice from 7:00am to 11:00am. Please email Eric at for reservation.


9/18/2014 12:00:00 AM
Rules to obtain a competence card from the province of Quebec
Plumbers and Steamfitters
If you are a member residing in Ontario and your licence is valid in Ontario, if you have your Basic Fall Protection, WHMIS, Basic Health and Safety courses of Ontario or your Health and Safety course from the province of Quebec, it’s free. If you don’t have those courses, it’s $10.00. You will have to show proof of residence (driver’s licence) and your licence of the Ministry of Ontario.
If you are a resident of Quebec with a valid licence of Ontario it is mandatory to have your Health and Safety course (ASP) from the province of Quebec, it will cost you $100.00 to get your certificate. Also, for a resident of Quebec, it is possible to avoid this fee of $ 100.00; when renewing; by presenting proof that you worked as a plumber or pipefitter in Ontario. To do so you will need to present to the C.C.Q. the following documents:
  • T4 from previous years 
  • A letter from your Employer indicating the number of hours worked in your trade OR a letter from Local 71, signed by the Business Manager, OR your pay stubs which confirms the number of hours you have worked in the previous years.
If you are a member residing in Ontario and your licence is valid in Ontario and you have your Basic Fall Protection, WHMIS, Basic Health and Safety courses of Ontario or your Health and Safety course from the province of Quebec, it’s $100.00. If not, it is $10.00 more. You will have to show proof of residence (driver’s licence) and a letter from the Union of 750 hours of work in the past year along with a T4 or your pay stubs.
If you are a resident of Quebec and want to renew your CCQ card, you will need to present your T4 or you pay stubs from previous years to prove that you have worked at least 320 hours per year after the expiration date of your license and a letter from your Employer or from Local 71 confirming that you have worked as a welder.
For more information please contact André Rondeau at (819) 246-3771.
1/3/2011 12:00:00 AM
Work Safety
All Affiliates, Members, Executives and Associated Contractors of the Building and Construction Trades Council encourage and support health and safety legislation on all our worksites.
For a safer Ontario, we are urged to call the Ministry of Labour at 1-877-202-0008 to report unsafe labour practice in any Ontario workplace.
Health and Safety is a shared responsibility and we have accepted the challenge from our Minister of Labour, Peter Fonseca, to make sure that everyone returns home safe and sound after work.
Our call to action is 1-877-202-0008. Display it prominently;
Share it widely; Use it wisely; Use it!
Call 1-877-202-0008 to help save a life!
1/2/2011 12:00:00 AM
If you have a Reinstatement
  • You will not be dispatched to work.
  • You will not be eligible for the subsidy program.
  • You will not be entitled to your life insurance.

Please make sure that you are in good standing.